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Find of the Day… Dooney & Bourke Letter Carrier Messenger Bag!

Today’s amazing thrift find was a Dooney & Bourke Letter Carrier Messenger Bag! Retails at $225. Our thrift price… $10!

Also a pair of Burberry Check Slip-On Sneakers. Retails $195. Our thrift price… $10!

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We Love GUCCI!

Another exciting designer find. And a tip for shoppers. When you find one item of clothing (or shoes) it may mean that the person that donated that has left other items. Best to take a look through everything in that size! Shoes and clothing.

After the Hermes shirt we’ve been looking through the same size. And came across this! A beautiful lightweight sweater/blouse. The name… GUCCI! $9.99.

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We Love Fluevog’s. Especially when they are $10.

Rather than dedicating a blog post to John Fluevog, I really should be giving the man a chapter of my life. I’d take these over any Italian designer shoe any day. I love Fluevog’s.

We are constantly amazed at the number of second hand Fluevog’s we find. Our first Fluevog find was the rare Peep Show Pump (see the Flueseum on the Fluevog website). Since then we have found probably dozen’s of Fluevog finds. Lily Darlings, Angels, Derby Swirls, Cowboy Boots, etc.

Here are just a few examples of our finds.

And these I did purchase at the Fluevog shop, and while I did get them on sale, they certainly were not $10… I had to include them because to date they are my favorite shoes. ‘Listen Audrey’…

Shop with Fluevog @

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Check out the amazing Flueseum @

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More designer thrift finds!

L.A.M.B bag (one of a few we’ve found!). $7.99

Burberrys Vintage Nova Check Cashmere Scarf. $1.99

Coach Wedges $19.99

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An alternative to thrift shopping. Designer re-sale with

While rummaging around at second-hand stores isn’t necessarily appealing to the masses, there are other ways of going about buying designer items second-hand. Patricia has been doing designer retail for 7 years. Starting with eBay sales, through word of mouth demand for her services grew. Bringing women together with their dream bags was the motivation behind starting

Constylement is a fantastic on-line boutique offering amazing designer re-sell. Patricia is My Poupette recommended. On her on-line boutique you will find fine designer bags, shoes, scarves, jewelry and time pieces at a fraction of retail. All of her merchandise is guaranteed authentic.

We have consigned a few of our personal designer items through Patricia. She is professional, prompt and a really wonderful lady. We recommend taking a browse through her website, and signing up for fabulous stocklist updates! She is always adding new amazing designer pieces to her boutique!

If you’ve always dreamed of owning an Hermes bag, but can’t afford the thousands of dollars they cost new, Patricia may be your means of making this dream come true!

Some items we have consigned with Patricia:

Christian Louboutin Shoes:

Jil Sander Shoes:

Hermes Scarf:

Christian Dior Scarf:

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Monday’s second hand treasure… HERMES!

Not a common name to come across while second hand shopping! Well, we see it but it’s rare to find authentic Hermes. Today we found a Hermes ladies shirt. This treasure cost us $7 and is like new!

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More past finds…

Alexander McQueen Silk Bubble Dress. $7.99.

Celine Paris Boogie Bag $29.99

Gucci Handbag $9.99

Vintage Christian Dior Suede Ankle Boots

Quilted Burberry Constance Jacket $7.99.

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A few past finds…

SHOES! Prada, Miu Miu, Louboutins…

Scarves… Hermes

Salvatore Ferragamo

Ties… Hermes

Handbags…  Douney & Bourke

Cole Haan

More past finds to come!

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Dolce & Gabbana

Yesterday’s exciting find! This beautiful pair of platform mary jane’s by Dolce & Gabbana. Retail price… $595. We paid… $30.

There was also a lovely little Burberry Cashmere scarf. Our price $1.99. Photos to follow. 🙂

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Painting the Roses Red. A Mad Tea Party.

A knack for thrift shopping also comes in handy when you’re planning a tea party. Here is our Mad Tea Party that was held this past June:

Most of the decor and costumes came from thrift and antique shops. This party cost next to nothing!

by Page 84 DesignPhotography by Melissa DePape of Melissa DePape Photography and Jag Nagra of Page 84 Design. Invitations by Page 84 Design.

Next year, we join the circus.

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