We Love Fluevog’s. Especially when they are $10.

Rather than dedicating a blog post to John Fluevog, I really should be giving the man a chapter of my life. I’d take these over any Italian designer shoe any day. I love Fluevog’s.

We are constantly amazed at the number of second hand Fluevog’s we find. Our first Fluevog find was the rare Peep Show Pump (see the Flueseum on the Fluevog website). Since then we have found probably dozen’s of Fluevog finds. Lily Darlings, Angels, Derby Swirls, Cowboy Boots, etc.

Here are just a few examples of our finds.

And these I did purchase at the Fluevog shop, and while I did get them on sale, they certainly were not $10… I had to include them because to date they are my favorite shoes. ‘Listen Audrey’…

Shop with Fluevog @ http://www.fluevog.com

Subscribe to the Fluevog blog for updates and contests @ www.fluevog.com/flueblog/

Check out the amazing Flueseum @ www.fluevog.com/files_2/flue-seum.html

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2 thoughts on “We Love Fluevog’s. Especially when they are $10.

  1. Jennifer says:

    So. Not. Fair. I have two pair of Fluevogs and I paid regular price for them. Can I tell you I hate you without you getting horribly offended? 🙂

    • Whatcha Find? says:

      You can. 🙂 I will update with more second hand Fluevog finds. You’ll be shocked at how often they come up at thrift shops!

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