Vintage Gucci!

These finds are the best finds.  Today we found a beautiful vintage Gucci clutch.  I believe it is circa 1950’s.  Large logo with Gucci colors, vintage gold stamping ‘Made In Italy by Gucci’.  Suede and leather with leather lining.  Feels so, so, so well made.  I love it!  $2.99!!!!!!!!  Vintage Gucci’s are very popular now, and are often imitated (we definitely come across more knock off’s than the real thing).  This is a very unique piece and is in amazing condition!  I’m sure it’s at least 50 years old!

Happy thrift shopping!

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4 thoughts on “Vintage Gucci!

  1. Eli says:

    very sophisticated!

    ps. My vintage Burberry doesn’t quite fit me either. I think it’s a petite, that or I’m a monster because if you look close the sleeves are over my wrists. Since I’m not wearing it for the cold I really don’t mind it that way. So the one you found was much too big?

  2. kris says:

    Awesome find. Ever since my Gucci shoes purchase, I’ve had my eyes open for more. Nothing yet, but may the thrift gods be with me (and you!).

  3. ((drooling))

    What a find! I am in love with vintage handbags right now, so this is making me green with envy. GORGEOUS!

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