Paloma Picasso

Here is another one of my aunts fabulous finds! This Paloma Picasso bag is in pristine condition, and was only $4! The retail is around $800.

Knowing that Paloma Picasso is one of her favorites, we had passed along these beautiful Tiffany’s earrings, designed by Paloma Picasso! I believe they were around $30. They are sterling, and marked Tiffany’s and the sterling weight on the back, as well as an engraved Paloma Picasso signature.

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Happy thrift shopping!

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3 thoughts on “Paloma Picasso

  1. Wow! Great finds! Love the blog! I have a thrifty blog as well called Thrift and Shout! I’ve found a lot of great stuff through the years but I’ve never found Fendi or Gucci! Score!

  2. mongs says:

    wow I love all your lovely thrifty finds! You really have a good and quick eye for things!

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