Only the best finds make your heart beat out of your chest! We see a LOT of fake Hermes scarves. Real ones are, of course, few and far between in thrift shops. But we have proved that they are not impossible to find!

This authentic Hermes silk scarf is called Charmes Des Plages Normandes. Made in France, it was designed in 1999 by Loic Dubigeon. And it was a few pennies over $4. A little wrinkled, otherwise perfect. It was reissued in cotton in 2004. We are pleased to have it in silk!

Happy thrift shopping!

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5 thoughts on “HERMES!!!

  1. Paula says:

    Very lucky find! Do you have any tips on how to spot an authentic Hermes scarf? By the way, love receiving your email updates on your finds!

  2. Grunge Queen says:

    Gorg!! Any tips for knowing an authentic Hermes from a fake?

  3. Whatcha Find? says:

    Authentic Hermes have plump rolled hems, always rolled to the front. The silk is quite heavy as well with deep colors. Lots of websites with photos of the care tags, fakers are tricky!!

  4. kris says:

    Good question, GQ. Love the scarf. I’m enjoying my scarves collection and looking to increase the quantity. You’re of fire with the thrift finds as of late.

  5. Eli says:

    oooh this is very delicate and beautiful!

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