Keinan Is HOME!

Brought home in the middle of the night, the police said Keinan appears to be in good health. A 9-11 call was made by the suspect to say he had been returned. The suspect is still out there. Please still keep a look out for the 87 Toyota Camry and for Randall Hopley. Keep sharing the image of this man, in hopes that he will be found and put where he belongs. For good. We need to all fight to bring justice to sex offenders. The fact that this man was allowed to walk free, and take what he has from the Hebert family is repulsive.

So, so happy that Keinan is home! Thinking of his family and they begin a long, long healing process.

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One thought on “Keinan Is HOME!

  1. Heidi Currie says:

    …and now his abductor must never ever walk a free man for the remainder of his life. We should be appauled and disgusted that he was ever released into society after his first conviction on a sex offence. The Neo Cons are busy making up terrorist “fears”, while the truly dangerous – the sex offenders – walk free. We are all responsible for tolerating the release of sex offenders back into our communities….there, that was my little rant of the day.

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