Gucci Silk Scarf

A find from one of our fellow shoppers! J found this amazing Gucci silk scarf while popping in for a quick look around a thrift shop. Goes to show, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time! It is huge, like new, silk and in perfect condition. Plump rolled edges. The colors are amazing. She paid $1.50!!

We will be posting her other amazing find tomorrow. Hint… Vintage Gucci is in!


Happy thrift shopping!


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One thought on “Gucci Silk Scarf

  1. Andre Holmes says:

    That scarf is so hot now you’re gonna have me looking for scarf hahahaaha I love this site because I feel so much better seeing others there stories and there wonderful finds. Take the time to join me and my fabulous thrifting crew on http://www.Facebook/ we have about 17 stores from Delaware to Texas quite a few in Maryland

    I wish everyone a glorious Fall and please join us on Facebook


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