Dresses, dresses we love designer dresses!

Finding something in your size is always exciting.  Especially when it’s got a dry cleaning tag on it and when there are multiple beautiful things in your size!  A big thank you to whoever dropped these off at our local VV for being the same size as us!  The total for these two Elie Tahari dresses, one silk DKNY dress and beautiful Kate Spade jacket… Under $50!


Pink Elie Tahari dress.  Beautiful neckline.  $14!


Another gorgeous Elie Tahari.  Also $14!



Silk DKNY. $12!


And believe it or not, this amazing little Kate Spade jacket was only $4.  My favorite detail is the KS patches on the inside.  Very antique looking.  So pretty!



Again… Thank you stranger!!!  We love them all!




Happy thrift shopping!


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2 thoughts on “Dresses, dresses we love designer dresses!

  1. Serena says:

    A question that you seem to not answer is “What VV do you usually shop at?”

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