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We have actually had a few Chanel finds in the last few weeks.  These red flats are our favorite!  They were near new and we only paid $25!

Happy thrifting!
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YSL and Gucci… An update!

Here are a few recent thrift finds!




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Vivienne Westwood! x2!!

What are the chances of finding two brand new pairs of Vivienne Westwood shoes in a thrift shop?  Apparently not nil!  We found these two beautiful pairs of Vivienne Westwood Melissa Anglomania Lady Dragon jelly shoes.  One in blue with red hearts and one yellow with black hearts.  Absolutely adorable!  I only wish I’d had them for the Mad Tea Party!

At only $12.99 each we think we got a pretty amazing deal!


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St John!

This isn’t a name that we see all of the time, but it’s a name that does appear occasionally while thrifting.  Extremely expensive, when bought new.  we paid only $12.99 for this tweed jacket by St John Collection.  It retails at hundreds.


This set was only $14.99 where we shop.  Again, new it would’ve been hundreds!  Both St John’s items are perfect, probably worn once!


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Prada Cable Knit Sweater!

The only thing better than a cashmere sweater is a Prada cashmere sweater.  The only thing better than a Prada cashmere sweater is a Prada cashmere sweater with a $14.99 price tag.  This gold cable knit cashmere sweater is indeed Prada.  And yes, it was $14.99!  Like new, made in Italy.  Beautiful!


Happy thrift shopping!

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Fendi Envelope Clutch!

Here is another fabulous designer find!  This Fendi Envelope Clutch is 100% authentic (the serial number is in the pocket).  It is in perfect condition.  Very nice, and we only paid $4!!


Happy thrift shopping!

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ZILLI. A Little Something for the Boys.

Here it is.  Our most valuable find to date.  Doesn’t look like anything that spectacular?  This Lambskin leather coat is cashmere lined with mink trim came all the way from the Zilli Boutique in France.  We found it at a thrift shop in a suburb of Vancouver, BC.  After doing a little research we discovered that the retail value of this coat would have been somewhere between $25,000-$40,000.  Wow.  We still can’t believe it.

While we don’t support the killing of anything for fashion…  We are always surprised when things turn up second hand!  We paid $25.  The smallest fraction of retail (ever).




Happy thrift shopping!

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Christian Louboutin Miss Marple

Here is another recent find!  We do occasionally see Louboutin’s while thrifting, but vert rarely are they authentic.  We lucked out on this pair of Miss Marple’s paying only $16!  While we were certain that they were authentic, we did run it by the Purse Forum and got the official YES!


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Whatcha Find Update

It’s been a while since we had a chance to sit down and update our blog.  So we’re going to list a few of our exciting finds from the last few weeks!

One of favorites is this Prada sweater.  We picked it up for $14.99.  It is made in Italy of cashmere and wool and has a painted gold look.  Very beautiful.


This Michael Kors bag was also a great find.  We paid only $12.99!  Huge with beautiful detail including a giant MK lock on the front!



Hugely popular in the UK, this Save the Queen dress somehow made it’s way to one of our local thrift shops!  We paid only $9.99!



This Anna Sui deco kimono top is lovely.  100% silk, and we only paid $3.99.


Also we found this Harveys Seatbelt purse.  New, it looks as though it’s never been carried.  The original price is well over $100.  We paid $6.99!


We will update again soon, including one of our most valuable clothing finds to date!!

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Miu Miu Black Patent Studded Moccasin Ballet Flats!

We love Miu Miu.  Especially when it’s shiny and covered in studs!  These gorgeous ballet flats have hardly been worn.  We did a little research and found out that they are SOLD OUT.  We paid $17!



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Happy thrift shopping!

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