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More Hermes!!

The name we LOVE to find!!  This beautiful silk Hermes was only $4.99!  It is by the artist Henry de Lindares, designed in 1966.  Is it called Gibier or Chasse or A D’Oiseaux et de Lievre.   It is a gorgeous print that includes rabbits and birds.  Very detailed with huge hand rolled edges.  Pure silk, huge and in perfect condition.  Well worth the one hundred times what we paid (that the original owner would have paid for it!).



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Hermes L’Ile Deserte Scarf!

Believe it or not… ANOTHER thrifted Hermes scarf!!  This beautiful silk scarf was designed by Annie Fairve in 1998 and is called L’Ile Deserte.  Made in France, it is stunning, and in perfect, new condition!  We paid $1.99!


These scarves always cause heart palpitations!

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A Whatcha Find Update!

There have been so many amazing finds lately. Here is a summary of just a few of our favorites!

1. Salvatore Ferragamo silk scarf. Lovely, like new, and under $5.

2. Vintage Hermes 1979 Grand Largue silk scarf. $1.99 and almost caused a heart attack (very exciting find).

3. Tory Burch cashmere sweaterS!  Around $6 each.

4. Another near heart attack. This authentic Alexander McQueen Novak bag was only $7.99.

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Hermes Tie!

This amazing Hermes Paris tie is authentic and in excellent condition. We paid $1! Funny enough, not the first we’ve found!

Happy thrift shopping!


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Only the best finds make your heart beat out of your chest! We see a LOT of fake Hermes scarves. Real ones are, of course, few and far between in thrift shops. But we have proved that they are not impossible to find!

This authentic Hermes silk scarf is called Charmes Des Plages Normandes. Made in France, it was designed in 1999 by Loic Dubigeon. And it was a few pennies over $4. A little wrinkled, otherwise perfect. It was reissued in cotton in 2004. We are pleased to have it in silk!

Happy thrift shopping!

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