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Mont Blanc

This week we found an incredible Mont Blanc Triple Gusset Briefcase. This amazing briefcase retails at $1895 US and is currently sold out on the Mont Blanc website!

In excellent condition!

Here is the eBay link:




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Louis Vuitton Monogram Blueberry Denim Wedges!

Louis Vuitton Monogram Blueberry Denim Wedges!

It has been a while since we have posted! Here is one of our most recent second hand finds. A beautiful pair of Louis Vuitton Blueberry Denim Wedges. We paid $39.99! They retail around $625. They are like new and beautiful!!

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Salvatore Ferragamo Ponyhair Flats!

Another amazing designer find!  We are always stunned to find things like this brand new (second hand).  These Salvatore Ferragamo Ponyhair Cap Toe Flats have never been worn!  The soles are brand new.  They’re adorable and we only paid $9.99!



Happy thrift shopping!  


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VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Melissa ANGLOMANIA Yellow Jelly Heels (with hearts!!)

AMAZING!  We love these shoes!  By Vivienne Westwood, these are from her Anglomania line.  The hearts are curved and the shoes are so sweet.  They had never been walked on and we only paid $12.99!  



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Diane von Furstenberg Bentley Dress!

Here is another great designer find.  Just the other day we found this beautiful DVF Bentley dress second hand for only $19.99!  It is in perfect condition.  It can be worn on or off the shoulder.  The color is beautiful. We love Diane von Furstenberg and we love this dress!


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Petitions Against Sex Offenders

Please take a moment to sign the following petitions. Something has to be done about our system of justice. Do anything you can to help create a future that puts the rights and safety of our youth before the rights of sex offenders. Something must be done to make sure this never happens again.

Please pass these along via social media, blogs, to schools, your workplace, etc. This isn’t something that can be ignored.

While we do hope that the Hebert family is given the time and privacy they need as they begin their healing process, nothing is more heart warming than this photo. Keinan and his father playing Frisbee today, September 11, 2011. While the world reflects on the Twin Tower horror, we are reminded that miracles do happen.


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Keinan Is HOME!

Brought home in the middle of the night, the police said Keinan appears to be in good health. A 9-11 call was made by the suspect to say he had been returned. The suspect is still out there. Please still keep a look out for the 87 Toyota Camry and for Randall Hopley. Keep sharing the image of this man, in hopes that he will be found and put where he belongs. For good. We need to all fight to bring justice to sex offenders. The fact that this man was allowed to walk free, and take what he has from the Hebert family is repulsive.

So, so happy that Keinan is home! Thinking of his family and they begin a long, long healing process.

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Missing Keinan Hebert

I’m sure everyone in Canada has heard this on the News. We just want to encourage everyone, everywhere to please replay this message anywhere you can. Social media, blogs, websites, etc. Please help get the word out and pray that someone can convince this man to let these people have their son, taken from their home, back. Please help this search in whatever way you are able. This is our worst nightmare. And if it were your child, you would appreciate the help.

Praying so hard for Keinan and his family. ox

The suspect drives an 87 Toyota Camry, license plate 098RAL. Please be on the lookout for this man, Randall Hopley from Sparwood BC, and his car. Today is day 5, they could be anywhere.

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