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We have actually had a few Chanel finds in the last few weeks.  These red flats are our favorite!  They were near new and we only paid $25!

Happy thrifting!
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VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Melissa ANGLOMANIA Yellow Jelly Heels (with hearts!!)

AMAZING!  We love these shoes!  By Vivienne Westwood, these are from her Anglomania line.  The hearts are curved and the shoes are so sweet.  They had never been walked on and we only paid $12.99!  



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Whatcha Find Update

It’s been a while since we had a chance to sit down and update our blog.  So we’re going to list a few of our exciting finds from the last few weeks!

One of favorites is this Prada sweater.  We picked it up for $14.99.  It is made in Italy of cashmere and wool and has a painted gold look.  Very beautiful.


This Michael Kors bag was also a great find.  We paid only $12.99!  Huge with beautiful detail including a giant MK lock on the front!



Hugely popular in the UK, this Save the Queen dress somehow made it’s way to one of our local thrift shops!  We paid only $9.99!



This Anna Sui deco kimono top is lovely.  100% silk, and we only paid $3.99.


Also we found this Harveys Seatbelt purse.  New, it looks as though it’s never been carried.  The original price is well over $100.  We paid $6.99!


We will update again soon, including one of our most valuable clothing finds to date!!

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Louis Vuitton

Another name that we don’t see every day!  Well, not authentic LV.  We only paid $30 for these authentic Louis Vuitton car shoes!



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Salvatore Ferragamo

Another great find from today! This lovely Salvatore Ferragamo evening bag is black with tiny rhinestones all around the front. It is beautiful! We paid $7.99! Photos do not do justice!

Happy thrift shopping!

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We Love Other People’s Finds!

Our love for thrift shopping is something that we come by honestly. I could give a full family tree to show where it started and how many of us do it… Instead I will just give an example. Well a few examples!

Here are some of Jacki’s (my aunt, my Mom’s sister) finds!!

This BEAUTIFUL  Robert Rodriguez dress was only $12.99!

Lovely detail around the neck!

Vintage Armani Coat. $13.99!

See by Chloe Dress. $19.99!

Elie Tahari. $7.99!

It’s in our genes! Good finds, Jacki!

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We Love GUCCI!

Another exciting designer find. And a tip for shoppers. When you find one item of clothing (or shoes) it may mean that the person that donated that has left other items. Best to take a look through everything in that size! Shoes and clothing.

After the Hermes shirt we’ve been looking through the same size. And came across this! A beautiful lightweight sweater/blouse. The name… GUCCI! $9.99.

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