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Gucci and Chanel!

It’s been a fun few week!  Two of our very favourite names popped up on a few occasions (at a few locations).

Gucci ladies leather belt.  $5.99:

Chanel sweater (new).  $14.99:
Chanel sweater (new).  $14.99:
Chanel sweater.  $9.99:
Happy thrifting!
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YSL and Gucci… An update!

Here are a few recent thrift finds!




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Gucci Silk Scarf

A find from one of our fellow shoppers! J found this amazing Gucci silk scarf while popping in for a quick look around a thrift shop. Goes to show, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time! It is huge, like new, silk and in perfect condition. Plump rolled edges. The colors are amazing. She paid $1.50!!

We will be posting her other amazing find tomorrow. Hint… Vintage Gucci is in!


Happy thrift shopping!


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Bob Dylan and Gucci!

Today we found an amazing Bob Dylan belt buckle by Gucci! From the bit of research we’ve done it looks to be from the 1970’s. Made by Montauk Silver Company, Fairchild & Johnson in England. Amazing condition! While the price was originally $299 we bartered and got it for $99.

Happy thrift shopping!

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Shoes. We love Shoes.

Today was one of those amazing days that never happen. Well, we’ve had a few of them. They happen rarely. Here’s our loot!

We got FOUR pairs of Louis Vuitton shoes, two pairs of Gucci and a cute silver pair of Burberry Blue Label shoes. Our price for the whole lot of them… Around $130. Value… a few thousand. Amazing what a half hour of shopping can find you!

Gucci Monogram Slides with bow. $10.

Gucci Monogram Flats with bow $15.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Slides $20.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Sandals $20.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Sneakers $35.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Leather Sneakers $20.

Burberry Blue Label Silver Shoes $25

Check back soon for the cute embroidered Christian Dior tank and the Chloe dress that we also found today!

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We Love GUCCI!

Another exciting designer find. And a tip for shoppers. When you find one item of clothing (or shoes) it may mean that the person that donated that has left other items. Best to take a look through everything in that size! Shoes and clothing.

After the Hermes shirt we’ve been looking through the same size. And came across this! A beautiful lightweight sweater/blouse. The name… GUCCI! $9.99.

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An alternative to thrift shopping. Designer re-sale with Constylement.com

While rummaging around at second-hand stores isn’t necessarily appealing to the masses, there are other ways of going about buying designer items second-hand. Patricia has been doing designer retail for 7 years. Starting with eBay sales, through word of mouth demand for her services grew. Bringing women together with their dream bags was the motivation behind starting Constylement.com.

Constylement is a fantastic on-line boutique offering amazing designer re-sell. Patricia is My Poupette recommended. On her on-line boutique you will find fine designer bags, shoes, scarves, jewelry and time pieces at a fraction of retail. All of her merchandise is guaranteed authentic.

We have consigned a few of our personal designer items through Patricia. She is professional, prompt and a really wonderful lady. We recommend taking a browse through her website, and signing up for fabulous stocklist updates! She is always adding new amazing designer pieces to her boutique!

If you’ve always dreamed of owning an Hermes bag, but can’t afford the thousands of dollars they cost new, Patricia may be your means of making this dream come true!

Some items we have consigned with Patricia:

Christian Louboutin Shoes:


Jil Sander Shoes:


Hermes Scarf:


Christian Dior Scarf:


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More past finds…

Alexander McQueen Silk Bubble Dress. $7.99.

Celine Paris Boogie Bag $29.99

Gucci Handbag $9.99

Vintage Christian Dior Suede Ankle Boots

Quilted Burberry Constance Jacket $7.99.

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We shop second hand. And we’re fine with it.

In an effort to redeem ourselves to those who think we’re crazy because of our idea of ‘shopping’, we’re joining the world of bloggers.

Mother and daughter team, here is our attempt at an introduction. I am a mother of two young girls. I like to dress up, I like to dress my kids up. I love shopping. And the person that I have learned from, is my mother. While a love for shopping and pretty things seems to be built into our genetic make up… so is the love for a good deal.

Thrift store shopping is something that we’ve become ‘taken with’ over the past few years. This blog will serve as our testimony that you don’t have to spend lots to have nice things. And really, the hunt is fun. Sure the clientele in a second hand store differs from walking into Holt Renfew (some times a lot). Sure there are smells, people and aisles you may want to avoid. But the hunt is fun, and when you find something fabulously beautiful… it’s pretty exciting. I tend to shake and have heart palpitations.  And will we shop in the same store as the 65 year old man that frequents the ladies underwear section, same time every day? For Hermes scarf at $1.99, yes. Yes we will. And we have. Three times.

We’ve had many cases of the ‘right place right time’. One morning I was in our local Value Village and noticed a large array of gorgeous dresses behind the ‘show case’ (I know, I know… show case ha ha). They were all several sizes to big for me, so I made a few phone calls and told a few people to pop in and take a peek. Chole, Michael Kors, etc. Not your average thrift store finds! When my Mom and a friend met us there, we overheard the story. A lady had dropped off these dresses, all on dry cleaner hangers and like new, along with a few boxes of shoes. Shoes in our size…

We spent 20 minutes and $1200 at Value Village that day. We figured we’d get our own parking spots. We didn’t. But we had about $20,000 worth of designer items, so we didn’t complain. The shoes, all new that I left with included two pairs by Prada, one pair by Jil Sanders, two by Christian Dior and a brand new red soled pair of Christian Louboutin’s. My Mom left with two of the most beautiful pairs of Miu Miu ballet flats. Each boasting Swarovski Crystals on the toes. Also Prada boots, Prada flats and a lovely pair of Christian Louboutin’s. Our friend scored the biggest (and spent the most). Chanel boots, two pairs of Louis Vuitton slides, and the list goes on. I also picked up a goegous Michael Kors dress (which I loved so much I had it altered as it was too big) for $7.99 and a wool Miu Miu car coat, also $7.99 (retailed around $1800).

We may be crazy, but we’re not stupid.

Some people sing well, some people can paint. Some people are good with numbers. We can spot a diamond on a heap of coal. Here we will share our little treasures and perhaps inspire others to treasure hunt too!

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