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Vivienne Westwood! x2!!

What are the chances of finding two brand new pairs of Vivienne Westwood shoes in a thrift shop?  Apparently not nil!  We found these two beautiful pairs of Vivienne Westwood Melissa Anglomania Lady Dragon jelly shoes.  One in blue with red hearts and one yellow with black hearts.  Absolutely adorable!  I only wish I’d had them for the Mad Tea Party!


At only $12.99 each we think we got a pretty amazing deal!


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VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Melissa ANGLOMANIA Yellow Jelly Heels (with hearts!!)

AMAZING!  We love these shoes!  By Vivienne Westwood, these are from her Anglomania line.  The hearts are curved and the shoes are so sweet.  They had never been walked on and we only paid $12.99!  



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