ZILLI. A Little Something for the Boys.

Here it is.  Our most valuable find to date.  Doesn’t look like anything that spectacular?  This Lambskin leather coat is cashmere lined with mink trim came all the way from the Zilli Boutique in France.  We found it at a thrift shop in a suburb of Vancouver, BC.  After doing a little research we discovered that the retail value of this coat would have been somewhere between $25,000-$40,000.  Wow.  We still can’t believe it.

While we don’t support the killing of anything for fashion…  We are always surprised when things turn up second hand!  We paid $25.  The smallest fraction of retail (ever).




Happy thrift shopping!

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One thought on “ZILLI. A Little Something for the Boys.

  1. digitaldreus says:

    This coat is sooo sick I bet it feels like a baby’s bottom! I need this in my life hahahahaha
    great find guys I have a friend of mine in Paris now thrifting and searching for me a smile!

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