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Vivienne Westwood! x2!!

What are the chances of finding two brand new pairs of Vivienne Westwood shoes in a thrift shop?  Apparently not nil!  We found these two beautiful pairs of Vivienne Westwood Melissa Anglomania Lady Dragon jelly shoes.  One in blue with red hearts and one yellow with black hearts.  Absolutely adorable!  I only wish I’d had them for the Mad Tea Party!

At only $12.99 each we think we got a pretty amazing deal!


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Salvatore Ferragamo Ponyhair Flats!

Another amazing designer find!  We are always stunned to find things like this brand new (second hand).  These Salvatore Ferragamo Ponyhair Cap Toe Flats have never been worn!  The soles are brand new.  They’re adorable and we only paid $9.99!



Happy thrift shopping!  


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Louis Vuitton!

While we often see the name Louis Vuitton while thrift shopping we very rarely see authentic Louis Vuitton!  This jumper is authentic.  It is wool and silk and looks to be brand new!

Image ImageImage

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Marc Jacobs!

What is even better than finding a brand new authentic Marc Jacobs second hand, is finding all of the extra straps inside!  While we consider $34.99 a little steep (cheap, we know) this bag looks as though it has never been carried.  In addition to the shoulder strap on it (which can be removed to carry as a clutch) there are two additional straps inside (one for cross body and one for wristlet).  YAY!!


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VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Melissa ANGLOMANIA Yellow Jelly Heels (with hearts!!)

AMAZING!  We love these shoes!  By Vivienne Westwood, these are from her Anglomania line.  The hearts are curved and the shoes are so sweet.  They had never been walked on and we only paid $12.99!  



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Diane von Furstenberg Bentley Dress!

Here is another great designer find.  Just the other day we found this beautiful DVF Bentley dress second hand for only $19.99!  It is in perfect condition.  It can be worn on or off the shoulder.  The color is beautiful. We love Diane von Furstenberg and we love this dress!


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