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In all of the time of our thrift obsession, this is the first authentic Fendi that we have come across (there have been many fakes). This wallet is beautifully made, and was only $9. Serial number in ones of the pockets, made in Italy.

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Vintage Gucci… #3!!

Unreal!  Here is vintage Gucci #3! In only a few weeks, all from different stores! What are the chances!? Great apparently! And this was only $7!

I must also add that it was spotted by my sweet (and very hip) 81 year old Grandmother. Good eye, Gramma! And on senior day to boot!

Happy thrift shopping!

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KIDS! Seven For All Mankind.

Second hand shopping is great when you have kids.  Growing children often outgrow things with no time for them to become ‘worn’ looking.  And as we have discovered for adults, there are also treasures to be found for kids!

These A-Pocket Seven For All Mankind kids jeans were only $10, and should fit my daughter next year.

Happy thrift shopping!

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Vintage Gucci… AGAIN!

Amazingly, this is a weird thrifting phenomenon.  We find something so exciting, just to find something similar not long after.  Great things come in pairs, I guess!

This vintage Gucci shoppers tote is a completely different style than the clutch that we had a few weeks ago.  It isn’t in the perfect condition that the clutch was, but still this is an amazing vintage piece.  There’s just something about vintage Gucci leather…  And we paid… $5.99!

Happy thrift shopping!

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Miu Miu Stack Heel Shoes!

We also got this pair of Miu Miu’s (by Prada) sale day. They cost us $6.50. Made in Italy. They are denim with floral accents. They have a stack heel and they’ve hardly been worn!

Happy thrift shopping!

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Sale Day!

We love 50% off days at Value Village! Whether it’s to go back for something that was too ‘expensive’ last week, or for a whole new search, we always leave with something!

These Seven For All Mankind Ginger jeans were marked $39.99 (way too expensive for second hand… though very expensive jeans). 50% off (and my size) made the decision easy.

These gold shoes from Bakers were only $12 after the discount. And are like new! Pretty peep toe and I love a unique heel.

And this Free People skirt came to $3. Like new, it will be put away for Summer!

Happy thrift shopping!

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Dresses! Armani and BCBG!

Here are two Value Village finds in my size (yay!). First is an Armani dress. $17.99 and like new. Lined and so cute! This photo does not do it justice (my goal for 2011 is to get a better camera!).

This BCBG tunic dress (or long shirt) still had the original BCBG tags on it. We paid $7.99!

Happy thrift shopping!

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