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Thrift Find of the Week… DVF!

Thrift find of the week!  A beautiful ivory Diane von Furstenberg Zarita dress for $20!

If only I was planning a wedding… I’d change into this for my reception in a heartbeat.


Happy thrifting!

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Louis Vuitton!

While we often see the name Louis Vuitton while thrift shopping we very rarely see authentic Louis Vuitton!  This jumper is authentic.  It is wool and silk and looks to be brand new!

Image ImageImage

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Whatcha Find Update

It’s been a while since we had a chance to sit down and update our blog.  So we’re going to list a few of our exciting finds from the last few weeks!

One of favorites is this Prada sweater.  We picked it up for $14.99.  It is made in Italy of cashmere and wool and has a painted gold look.  Very beautiful.


This Michael Kors bag was also a great find.  We paid only $12.99!  Huge with beautiful detail including a giant MK lock on the front!



Hugely popular in the UK, this Save the Queen dress somehow made it’s way to one of our local thrift shops!  We paid only $9.99!



This Anna Sui deco kimono top is lovely.  100% silk, and we only paid $3.99.


Also we found this Harveys Seatbelt purse.  New, it looks as though it’s never been carried.  The original price is well over $100.  We paid $6.99!


We will update again soon, including one of our most valuable clothing finds to date!!

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Diane von Furstenberg Color Block

This is one of our favourite names, to find and to wear!  This great Diane von Furstenberg was only $19.99!


Happy thrift shopping!

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Diane von Furstenberg!

Another one!  We love these dresses!  This sold out ‘Antoinette’ was only $8.99!  A slightly more formal version of the original DVF wrap dress.  Gorgeous!

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Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Maxi Dress!

YSL isn’t a name that we see often.  So this was exciting!  We picked this lovely YSL Rive Gauche Maxi dress up for $8.  It has a ruched front and a ruffle hem.  Very pretty!  Made in Italy.



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Diane von Furstenberg!

Here is another one of the designer dresses that we picked up the other day!  This Diane von Furstenberg was only $8!  100% silk with beautiful embroidery.


Happy thrift shopping!

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Vera Wang!

Because the dresses the other day were all in our size, we went back hoping for more.  We left with multiple BCBG tops and this.  A beautiful sequinned hem Vera Wang dress.  It’s BEAUTIFUL.  And not the Simply Vera Target line.  It is the real deal…  It retails at $580.  We paid $8!!

We also paid $8 for a Diane von Furstenberg today.  Will post photos soon!

Happy thrift shopping!

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Dresses, dresses we love designer dresses!

Finding something in your size is always exciting.  Especially when it’s got a dry cleaning tag on it and when there are multiple beautiful things in your size!  A big thank you to whoever dropped these off at our local VV for being the same size as us!  The total for these two Elie Tahari dresses, one silk DKNY dress and beautiful Kate Spade jacket… Under $50!


Pink Elie Tahari dress.  Beautiful neckline.  $14!


Another gorgeous Elie Tahari.  Also $14!



Silk DKNY. $12!


And believe it or not, this amazing little Kate Spade jacket was only $4.  My favorite detail is the KS patches on the inside.  Very antique looking.  So pretty!



Again… Thank you stranger!!!  We love them all!




Happy thrift shopping!


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Burberry Blue Label!

This Burberry Blue Label jumper still had the tags on it! It was purchased at Odakyu high end department store in Japan. We paid $5!


Happy thrift shopping!


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