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Mont Blanc

This week we found an incredible Mont Blanc Triple Gusset Briefcase. This amazing briefcase retails at $1895 US and is currently sold out on the Mont Blanc website!

In excellent condition!

Here is the eBay link:





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More Hermes!!

The name we LOVE to find!!  This beautiful silk Hermes was only $4.99!  It is by the artist Henry de Lindares, designed in 1966.  Is it called Gibier or Chasse or A D’Oiseaux et de Lievre.   It is a gorgeous print that includes rabbits and birds.  Very detailed with huge hand rolled edges.  Pure silk, huge and in perfect condition.  Well worth the one hundred times what we paid (that the original owner would have paid for it!).



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Diane von Furstenberg Color Block

This is one of our favourite names, to find and to wear!  This great Diane von Furstenberg was only $19.99!


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Burberry Blue Label!

This Burberry Blue Label jumper still had the tags on it! It was purchased at Odakyu high end department store in Japan. We paid $5!


Happy thrift shopping!


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